October General Meeting

The first General Meeting is Thursday, October 4, from 11:00-12:30 at the Schaper Leadership Center – 955 Campbell Road.   All SBISD Council of PTA’s Board Members plus PTA Presidents should plan to attend.  Lunch will be served by Chick-fil-A.  Chick-fil-A and Kids Adventures Playcare will briefly talk about opportunities they can provide to SBISD schools.  Guest speakers for the meeting will be District employees, Jennifer Blaine and Elliott Whitney.

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SBISD Council of PTAs Dues Deadline!

Don’t forget to submit your annual SBISD PTA Council dues!  Each PTA is asked to contribute a minimum of $50 annually to support the Council and all the work Council does to support our PTAs in Spring Branch.  The Council appreciates your ongoing support!  Deadline for DUES is Friday, September 28, 2018 Please mail your checks made out to:
Spring Branch Council of PTAs
955 Campbell Rd.
Houston, TX  77024-2803
Please let me know if you have any questions or comments regarding the dues or anything else Council can do for you.  Contact your Spring Branch Council of PTAs Treasurer, Michelle Majewski, at

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SBEF Fall PTA/Principal Luncheon Invite

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Odyssey of the Mind

 Would you like to know what Odyssey of the Mind is and how your k-12th grader can participate in this international creativity competition?

Parents, students, teachers and administrators are invited to the following informational meetings.  For more information contact Iris Story at

Odyssey of the Mind Coaches Meeting opportunities:

Sept. 22           There will be a HARO (regional) Coaches Training from 10-3:30 at Decaney HS.

This is given to coaches and parents as a service and is not required in order to coach.

October 13      Coaches Training and coaches round table    During the Theater Arts/Odyssey of the Mind Workshop at Spring Woods HS the morning of October 13th there will be an Advanced Coaches training and round table for all interested coaches.

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Membership Information

Hello everyone!   Please review the following information to help you get started with the 2018-2019 year:

Active Status

Each membership year, Local PTAs must meet both of the following requirements to attain Active Status with Texas PTA. The membership year begins on August 1.

  • Remit to Texas PTA state/national membership dues for at least 20 members.
  • Submit to Texas PTA the name and contact information (mailing address, phone number, and email address) of at least one current board member, preferably the President.

I’m attaching the “Membership Awards” that each PTA can achieve throughout the year.  Hopefully your membership chair can send out some information each month to recruit a few new members.  We’d like for as many PTA’s to receive as many of these award recognitions as possible.

Teacher Membership – please enlist the assistance of your Principal to encourage teacher/staff participation.  The cost to join PTA is less than three cups of fancy coffee and the perks are amazing; both at a school, district and state level.  On that side, I’m attaching the Membership Perks handout here too.  Please print/e-mail to your parents so they can see another benefit to joining PTA.

Good Standing

Local PTAs must comply with all of the following standards to remain in Good Standing with Texas PTA. Local PTAs that do not maintain Good Standing will be subject to a Local PTA Retention Plan as described below.

  • Maintain Active Status with Texas PTA. (see requirements above)
  • Report all members and remit all state/national dues to Texas PTA each year.
  • Submit to Texas PTA the name and contact information for each board member within 15 days of election or appointment.
  • Review Local PTA bylaws (and standing rules, if applicable) every three years and submit to Texas PTA for approval.
  • Annually file and have accepted by the IRS Form 990 Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, within 60 days of fiscal year-end.
  • Ensure your PTA is enrolled in JoinPTA.organd that all profile information is accurate.
  • Complete both components of FOUNDATIONS Leader Orientationbefore October 15.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to me at

Membership Awards

Membership Perks

Thank you!

Pam Ferworn

3rd VP Membership SBISD Council of PTAs


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Kicking off the 2018-2019 Reflections Art Contest!

This year’s art contest kicked off on Friday, 8/24. PTA Reflections chairs should be looking for an email with all of the details to get started including this year’s new theme “Heroes Around Me”. If you don’t receive the email or have any questions, please contact the District Chair, Gina Keith, at

Some ideas for promoting the contest at your school are:

* Adding this information to your morning announcement on Fridays. We say something like “Have you started your Reflections art contest project yet? This weekend would be the perfect time to do so”.

*Posting Flyers around the school

*Add to your website, e-blast, Facebook page, Marquee

*Adding a stack of entry forms to the front office, library, etc.

*Have your art, photography, language art teachers and/or librarian talk about the contest.

*If you have it in your budget one school has a contest to give a gift card to the teacher with most entries from your class.

The winning entries from each school (the top 20% of each category) are due on Friday, November 16th in the Nottingham Elementary front office between 8 and 9:30 a.m.  District Chair Gina Keith will be there to meet you.

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SBEF Ungala – Save the Date

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Muffins with Dr. Muri

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Birons Fall Festival 2018

Birons Youth Sports Center is having their first Fall Festival located at the gym itself. There will be moon bounces for the kids, vendors for the parents, food, music, etc. For every child that attends the fall festival, Birons will donate $2 to that child’s school. Spread the word, show up, enjoy the fall festival and mention your school when they come through the door.

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Reminder to Volunteer with SBISD

Please make sure your PTA’s get the communication that it is very important to register to volunteer before doing anything on campus..  Below is the information and link from the SBISD website..

Spring Branch Independent School District
Volunteer Registration

SBISD requires all persons interested in being a volunteer to agree to a Name Based Criminal History Background Check (NBCHBC) each school year. This is in addition to the Raptor System (V-soft) which compares all visitor names against sexual offender databases and is currently implemented at all SBISD campuses.

By completing and submitting the SBISD Volunteer Registration form, you agree to a criminal history background check. Please use your legal name, and complete all required fields in the correct format. The entire application takes just a few minutes and may take 5-10 business days to be processed. As with any district data, multiple security measures are in place to protect all information. Don’t forget to click submit!

All approved volunteers will be entered into the district’s Raptor system. To complete the process, you must bring your photo id to be verified and scanned into Raptor the first time you visit your campus this year. By US mail, SBISD will notify any volunteer applicant who does not pass the NBCHC.

Please contact SBISD Community Relations at 713.251.2468 or should you need additional information.

Begin the Volunteer Application Process Now

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Helpful Hint

Want to stay up to date on Council dates?  Click the ‘Add’ button below the calendar on the front page!  You can add all of the dates to your personal calendar and it will be updated as things change or get added.

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(No title)

Dear PTA Presidents,

Spring Branch Education Foundation is excited to host our annual Bright Stars of SBISD, Celebrating Academic Excellence, on Thursday, May 17, 2018. The evening celebrates the Teachers and Principals of the Year and scholarship recipients who personify our district’s academic excellence.  In partnership with SBISD PTAs, we have celebrated teachers and principals of the year for over twelve years.  Thank you for your continued support.

We are asking your PTA to purchase one table for 10 ($1,500) to host your campus Teacher of the Year, your principal and their guests, your PTA representatives and representatives from your sister school. We understand if your PTA budget does not have funds to increase from last year ($1,000).  If this is the case, we would appreciate your further help with identification of any partners within your school that might be willing to help with some portion or all of the remaining $500 per school. If you prefer SBEF to make the ask, please call our office with the names of potential partners. This event is not a fundraiser for SBEF, but your support helps SBEF cover the cost to honor SBISD’s Brightest Stars!

If your PTA cannot purchase a table, please provide funding for four (4) seats ($150 per seat for your TOY, Principal and their guests).  SBEF wants to make sure all TOY’s, Principals and their guests have the opportunity to attend this wonderful event. If your campus needs help with the cost, please contact SBEF to make arrangements; we will work with every campus to make sure its honorees can attend.

Thank you for your support in helping the Spring Branch Education Foundation honor our Teachers and Principals of the Year – they are truly the Bright Starts of SBISD!

School Name:  ___________________________________________

Table: ___ $1,500 each         Number of seats:  _______x $150 each

Amount remitted:  $_______________

PTA Representative Signature: ________________________________

Please remit payment by May 1, 2018, by mail to the Spring Branch Education Foundation, 955 Campbell Rd., Suite 206.

Please submit the names of your table guests by May 11, 2018.

For more information please call the Foundation office at 713.251.2381.

Click here to download this form


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