Sister School Solutions

Northbrook Middle School is one of the schools listed below that does not have a Sister School but could use some assistance. When I met with the Principal at Northbrook Middle School, Sarah Guerrero, she discussed with me the needs at her school and we determined NBMS could benefit from some outside volunteer efforts. In the past, I have discussed how our district has more schools needing help than schools who can provide the help. While we have been able to form some non-traditional Sister School Solution relationships with a few of our schools we still have not been able to benefit all of our schools, but that does not mean we cannot help the schools lacking a partner school. Attached is a google document that Ms. Guerrero came up with listing the various volunteer opportunities at Northbrook Middle School. Please look at this document and share this link in your school newsletter in the hopes that we can get some support for this much deserving school.


If you have any questions please contact me, Francine Todes, at ftodes@sbcglobal.net.

Sister School Solution Partners:
Bunker Hill Elementary – Thornwood Elementary
Rummel Creek Elementary – Sherwood Elementary
Frostwood Elementary – Housman Elementary
Wilchester Elementary – Spring Shadows Elementary
Hunter’s Creek Elementary – Woodview Elementary
Memorial Middle – Landrum Middle
Cornerstone Middle – Ridgecrest Elementary
Memorial High School-Pine Shadows
Valley Oaks Elementary-Shadow Oaks Elementary
Stratford High School-Northbrook High School
Meadow Wood Elementary-Edgewood Elementary
Memorial Drive Elementary-Hollibrook Elementary
SBISD Admin (Finance, Technology, Community Relations)-Terrace Elementary
Memorial Area Women Give Back-Westwood Elementary
Spring Branch Memorial Sports Association-Spring Branch Elementary

Schools without a Sister School that may be interested in a partner:
Treasure Forest Elementary
Buffalo Creek Elementary
Northbrook Middle School
Spring Woods Middle School
Spring Oaks Middle School

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Share the Love – from Texas PTA

Do you know educators who back the future of every child in your community? Do you know an amazing teacher, principal, or superintendent who gives a little bit extra to make sure all students are successful?
Share the Love and nominate those outstanding educators for what they are – the best in Texas!
Texas PTA is honored to recognize educators and administrators who exemplify our mission of making every child’s potential a reality through building a strong connection with parents and caregivers. The 2018 Outstanding Educators will be recognized during the Talk of Texas Lunch at LAUNCH on Saturday, July 21 in Dallas.
The deadline for nominations is Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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Founder’s Day Celebration – February 22nd

 PTA Founder’s Day Celebration

2.22.18 – Cornerstone  – 5:30 – 7:30 PM

$25 per Person  – includes Dinner.

Invitations have been sent out!  School Bell award winners will be recognized as well as the overall winner announced.  PTA President’s and Principals please plan to attend, as well as a guest for your school’s ‘School Bell’ Award winner, any other board members, and the Lifetime Membership Award members awarded from last school year (2016-17).   An Evite will go out with more instructions on where to send payment.

If you have any questions about Founder’s Day please just ask!  This is a fun and inspirational evening for all. SBISD Senior Staff and Board of Trustees will be in attendance.

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News from Texas PTA

Recruit 14 new members this month


WIN one FREE registration to


This month we’re celebrating PTAs that recruit 14 new members between now and February 28, 2018 with the XOXO Membership Award, which carries with it a second cool prize: one FREE registration to LAUNCH 2018! (See Terms and Conditions.) We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to share the love of PTA.

Each PTA that submits a membership roster and dues for at least 14 new members, postmarked between February 1 and February 28, 2018, will win one FREE registration for their Membership VP/Chair to attend LAUNCH 2018 in Dallas.

Terms and Conditions

Free registration is reserved for the 2018-2019 Membership VP/Chair in qualified Local PTAs and is non-transferable. Qualifying Local PTAs must submit the awarded LAUNCH registration and the 2018-2019 board member information to Texas PTA (via PT Avenue) no later than June 4, 2018. Free registration can be claimed only when accompanied by additional paid pre-registrations from the qualifying Local PTA, and does not include additional fee-based add-ons such as meals and t-shirts. Texas PTA will provide qualifying PTAs with a unique event registration link.

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Healthy Lifestyles News

We hope everyone is having a heart healthy week so far. Thank you all for your continued dedication and commitment to putting the health of our students, families and communities first. We did cover a lot of great informative information for you all to take back and share with your CSHAC’s at the campus level.
If you were not able to join us at the last meeting please make sure you download the notes and handouts from the google drive folder. We also uploaded the powerpoint presentation for everyone to review that was used at the January 23rd meeting.
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3wZQEcUDAi6TVp3a2k2dGhJdDQ?usp=sharing (link to the google drive folder where all the notes/handouts are stored)
Here are links to the next DSHAC meeting on April 10th, so please make sure you sign up for one of the meeting times.
http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080f4fafaa2aa5fc1-dshac7  (9-11 am West Support Center April 10th)
http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080f4fafaa2aa5fc1-dshac8  (5-7pm West Support Center April 10th)
At the last meeting we also began redesigning our subcommittees, and so we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to be able to join a subcommittee where we can really begin to dive into the work in specific areas to ensure we are supporting the whole child.
Here is a link to see what those subcommittees are and if you would like to be a part of one those subcommittees please email us and we will get that added to the group so you can be engaged and help with the work of driving those areas.
Please give us a up to three suggestions of where you would like to be because we want to try and keep them balanced as best as possible.
If you could please visit www.ittcommunitychallenge.com and register under Hunters Creek Village to help us be the healthiest community in Texas that would be awesome. (500 points just for registering) It’s Time to put health first and spread it across our community and district.
Thank you all for being such strong advocates for our students, families, communities, and schools!
If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Have a wonderful rest of your day
In good health,
Samuel Karns
Assistant Director of Student Wellness
Office: 713.251.8460

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Camp Invention

Are you looking for creative Odyssey of the Mind type activities for your k-6 graders this summer? Check out Camp Invention at Spring Branch MS for the dates June11-14.



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Important Legislative Information to Share with Your Parents

This week legislative rep Minda Caesar and several SBISD parents attended the State Board of Education Long-Range Plan for Public Education Steering Committee Community Conversation in Houston to provide input on the future of public education in Texas. They were also able to meet and chat with our State Board of Education rep Donna Bahorich. If you were unable to attend the meeting, you can STILL provide input by taking the survey at:

English: http://sgiz.mobi/s3/Long-Range-Planning-Survey
Spanish: http://sgiz.mobi/s3/Encuesta-de-opini-n-p-blica-para-Texas

Please let your parents know that their opinions matter and direct them to the survey!

In other news, the Commission on Public School Finance had their second meeting. The commission will be hearing public testimony at their March 19th meeting. Stay tuned for more details on how to participate.

Some upcoming dates to keep in mind:
February 20 — Early Voting begins for the primaries. Remember, parents can vote in EITHER primary and need only be a registered voter to participate.There are choices for all major offices in BOTH parties, so every vote counts!
March 2 — Texas Independence Day — last day to early vote
March 6 — Election Day for the primaries.
May 5 — Election Day for SBISD Board of Trustees for Positions 3 and 4. Position 3 is contested. Candidates are Minda Caesar and Noel Lezama. EVERY VOTE WILL COUNT, so please encourage your parents to vote. Early voting dates and locations for the trustee election will be released shortly. Chris Vierra is also running as an incumbent for her seat at Position 4. As of now, her position is not contested.

PTA presidents, as we do have a SBSID Trustee election coming up, please remember that if you want to have candidates come and speak with parents, you should invite all candidates.

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General Meeting Thursday, March 1st

11 AM – 12 PM – Board Room  @ the Admin Building – Lunch will be served

We will elect a nominating committee at this meeting.

If you are interested in being a part of the Council next year please let us know!

We would love to have you! Email sbisdcouncil@gmail.com

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You’re Invited! Roundtable Presentation with Tyler Ream

Roundtable with Dr. Ream – March 1st after the General Meeting- 12:00 – 1:30 – Admin Building

Thursday, March 1 – Following the general meeting at 1pm in the Board Room, we will have a Roundtable discussion with Tyler Ream on curriculum enhancements. (THIS IS A NEW DATE) This is part 2 of the discussion we started in the fall. If you were not able to attend the first Roundtable with Tyler, this is your chance to hear all the wonderful things happening. We were all so excited after the first one we scheduled another Roundtable because we barely scratched the surface. Join in the discussion!





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Healthy Lifestyles News


  • DSHAC meeting dates are 11/14, 1/23, 4/10 and 5/15 –  9-11 or 5-7 pm at the West Support Center.
  • It’s Time Texas summit November 6th & 7th at the Hilton Austin
  • Spring Branch ISD SHAC is one of five across the state of Texas to receive the award out of 75 nominations as strengthening the school and community. This includes the work of Healthy Lifestyle chairs.
  • Follow us at @SBISD_CSH to keep up with all the things we are doing to support the whole school whole community whole child in SBISD.

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SBISD Bond Election: Vote on November 7

On Tuesday, Nov. 7 Spring Branch voters will be asked to consider a $898.4 million bond issue.

If passed, the bond would include rebuilding of 10 schools: Bunker Hill Elementary, Hunters Creek Elementary, Memorial Drive Elementary, Nottingham Elementary, Sherwood Elementary, Spring Shadows Elementary, Terrace Elementary, Thornwood Elementary, Woodview Elementary and Landrum Middle School.

The bond would also include renovations/additions for Cedar Brook Elementary, Memorial High School, Northbrook High School, Spring Woods High School and Stratford High School. The bond would also include upgrades to 47 additional district facilities.

Early Voting Dates: October 23 – November 3
Voting Day: November 7

For more information, please visit www.springbranchisd.com/bond2017

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Hurricane Harvey Benefit Drive

Dear PTA presidents,
Paisley House has been a great partner with us in helping displaced faculty, staff and families get items that they need to live while they rebuild their lives. They are seeking the following items:

New Pillows
New Sheets – All sizes
New Comforters/Coverlets/BedInA Bag – All Sizes
Dishes – new and gently used
Silverware – new and gently used
Glasses – new and gently used
Pots/Pans – new and gently used
New Bath Towels
New Dish Towels
vacuum cleaners
Coffee Makers
Gently used furniture, mattresses and lamps…in desperate need of sofas, end tables, desks
Home Depot and Lowes Gift Cards

Contact Paisley House at harveyrecovery@paisley-house.com for details on donating items.

Thank you!

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