Camp Invention in SBISD

Dear Parents –
Many of you ask about additional learning opportunities for your children. If you have not heard, we are hosting Camp Invention in our District this summer. Camp Invention is a fun, innovation and creativity based program that any student in my class will enjoy!

During the program, Campers in grades K-6 explore the technology behind circuit boards, motors and gears as they design a remote-control bot, rebuild ships and design underwater sea equipment, collaborate with inventor superheroes as they take on roles as engineers and innovators to conquer villains and become successful entrepreneurs as they code bots to turn polluted wasteland into money-making machines!
See it in action here: Supercharged!

And if you are anything like me, this comment from another parent might be helpful:
“There aren’t many programs that really challenge (my 6-year-old son’s) thinking. He is an introvert who prefers to stay home but he was so excited for camp each day! He made new friends and says he wants to go every year! I’ve never been so happy with a program for bringing this out in my son! Thank you!”

Iris Story
Camp Invention Director
Council of PTA’s Creativity Representative

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