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The passage of HB3 brings about real school finance reform and helps improve our district’s financial situation, which has been significantly and negatively impacted by recapture for years. As a result:

  • Our recapture bill will be reduced.
  • Taxpayers will benefit from a reduced tax bill.
  • Full day PK is funded (although with the state setting the required minutes at the same level as for all other students, we had to lengthen the day at our PK centers)
  • There is increased funding for bilingual/EL and dyslexic students and that funding is not tied to high stakes testing.
  • As a result of the added funds, SBISD was able to increase salaries.More than 30 percent of the new funds received went toward salary increases for teachers, bus drivers, custodians, aids and all other non-administrative staff. We also provided increases to assistant principals, principals and other administrators, but not at higher percentages than teachers or other staff.
  • Additionally, we were alsoable to add over $1 million to campus operating budgets to directly impact student programming.
  • Other legislation from the last session supports key imperatives in SBISD including safety and security and mental health initiatives in support of our educators and students.
  • There are some additional requirements, too, as a result of HB3, including extensive training on everything from mental health to bleeding kits. We continue to receive guidance from TEA on these matters.
  • Additionally, there are funding elements that we may have access to earn, but much rule-making is yet to occur.

It’s important to also note that during the next legislative session, they will have to determine how to maintain the funding for the new system.

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CPTA Advocacy will host voter registration drives at certain varsity football games (TBD) in the coming weeks at Tully Stadium.

You must be a trained Deputy Voter Registrar to register voters in Harris County. To become a DVR please see

If you are a Deputy Voter Registrar and interested in helping register students, teachers and community members, please contact
Georgia Polley

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