Sister School Solution

Welcome back and thank you to everyone who filled the Sister School Solution (SSS) chair position for their school. If you have not yet done so, there is still time! The Sister School partner’s representative may be a chair on that PTA or a school administrator (some of the schools do not have PTAs) or the Communities in Schools Student Support Specialist. It is always helpful to bring the Communities in Schools (CIS) support school specialist or the school counselor in on the sister relationship. They will have the best idea of the needs and resources available to the students of that particular school. After your Sister School chair meets with the representative of the partner school, they can develop a plan for the year.


We have a Sister School committee on Council this year! And with more committee members, we will be in touch with you soon. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to reach out and I will put you in touch with your representative.


We would love to attend one of your PTA meetings to share with your parents about SSS and the amazing things schools like yours are doing in the district and how it supports students in our community. If you are looking for a 5-minute speaker, consider us. And, please like us on facebook at where we will be showing all of your programs, the encouragement and the empowering ideas you are sharing between Sister School partners.


PTA Presidents, please make sure your Sister School chair receives this information. We are here to help and support. Along the way, we are hoping to bring more connection, community and sisterhood between our schools and families this year. Please feel free to reach out with any questions and concerns. We believe through the Sister School program; we can empower and support each other.


Our committee:

Heather Camfield,

Leslie Appling,

Sydney Bermack,

Anissa Farrar,

Tammy Kidd,

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